For Immediate Release

November 21, 2009

PROJECTalphabet® presents C is for CHRONIC CITY

The much-anticipated new alphabet book inspired by and celebrating Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City.

It didn’t seem fair to Jane Hanstein Cunniffe that Lethem’s toddler son not be able to read his father’s new novel, Chronic City (Doubleday, $27.95). She liked the book, and had known Lethem twenty years ago, before he was a genius. Cunniffe thought it screamed for an alphabet. But this time, a drug-free edition. Oona, Oprah. 

Hijacked with his blessings. “C for Chronic sounds insane and great…Please do this!!” Lethem e-mailed. Because really, what kid wouldn’t want to learn to read with a boy from Indiana and a three-legged pitbull? (Every geek parent’s dream.)

With its broad strokes and bright primary colors, C is for Chronic City puts its own spin on the story. Sure, there’s A is for Ava, B for Books, and C for Chaldron, but also on-9/11 F is for Fog and Y for Yankees. Lethem fans won‘t be disappointed. Nor will anybody else for that matter.

The real treat here, is that C is for Chronic City is full of surprises, taking its own little joyride from Ava to Zelig, imparting an air of legend and myth to characters–even for people who can’t keep up with Lethem’s drunken prose.

Sons Eli and Henry appear in S is for Snow Survivor and U is for Upper East Side. This isn’t the family’s first brush with celebrity. In 2005, “The Crackers” celebrated Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s “The Gates” and became an international Internet sensation that attracted 3 million visitors. In the news again last week, with the recent death of Christo’s other half, Jeanne-Claude.

C is for Chronic City is a visual celebration of Lethem’s Chronic City, featuring photographs by Jane Hanstein Cunniffe. Music by Chet Baker. See how A. Caslon helped save late night TV.

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