Takes on Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City.       


C is for Chronic City from Jane Hanstein Cunniffe on Vimeo.   on Flickr (higher res)

PROJECTalphabet presents C is for CHRONIC CITY, the much-anticipated
new alphabet book inspired by and celebrating Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City.
Photographs by Jane Hanstein Cunniffe. Music by Chet Baker.

It didn’t seem fair that Jonathan Lethem's toddler son not be able to read his father’s eighth novel, Chronic City (Doubleday, $27.95). Cunniffe thought the book needed an alphabet (what doesn't?)—a drug-free edition. Hijacked with his blessings, “C for Chronic sounds insane and great…Please do this!!” Lethem e-mailed. Because really, what kid wouldn’t want to learn to read with a boy from Indiana and a three-legged pitbull?

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This is our first foray into Lit for Tots. It's a work in progress, suggestions are welcome. Our goal: to bring PROJECTalphabet® to the White House, Oprah and/or a heroic big box store. From Ava to Zelig, we hope you enjoy the ride.

Thank you to Gregory Nemec, standing in for Perkus Tooth as the Pencil...and the glue.
To Woody Allen for The Kugelmass Episode; To Flaubert for Emma Bovary.

These ABCs are a work of fiction. Names, characters the product of Jonathan Lethem’s imagination and borrowed with permission from Chronic City. Quotes, names and passages from Chronic City copyright 2009 © by Jonathan Lethem. All rights reserved. Doubleday, Doubleday. A division of Random House.

 SEE the SLIDESHOW < Better quality, sans Chet.

A is for Ava.
B is for Books on 84th

C is for C is for Chronic City.
D is for Diner and Dylan.
E is for Ellipsistic.
F is for Facts and Fax, Font, Fog, Fox.
G is for Guns don't kill detectives, love does.
H is for Hiccups and Headaches.

I is for Ice, Invisible, and Insteadman.
J is for Jackson Hole.
K is for Philip K. Dick and Kugelmass
L is for Love a Lostronaut and Literacy Partners.
M is for Museum, men...and Marlon Brando.
N is for Noteless, New York and NPR.
O is for Oona.
P is for Perkus interruptus.
Q is for Quarters.
R is for white Rhino.
S is for 2nd Avenue.
T is for Tiger.
U is for Upper East Side.
V is for Vanity.
W is for War-free edition, Watts and Whatever.

X is for eXit the system.
Y is for Why?
Z is for Zeroville, Zevon and Zimmerman.

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