Jane Hanstein Cunniffe became a mother at 39, interrupting a career as an advertising copywriter. The year was 1999 and digital cameras were just hitting the market. First it was Henry Counts, then Henry’s Delicious Alphabet. When second son Eli was born, he too was subject to a series of photographs. SmilingGoat.com showcases ten original children's books including 2nd Born and Henry's Book of Clichés. In 2004, Worldwide Goat moved its headquarters to Pleasantville, NY where they launched PROJECTalphabet, 26causes.com or .org, and most recently, graygirls.com.

graygirls.com – launched Oct. 7, 2007 • Evolutionary grassroots portal aimed at art, aging and having a good time. Check it out here.

26causes.com or .org
PROJECTalphabet's 26causes from A to Z.

PROJECTalphabet.com one-of-a-kind FREE software application that lets you make your own alphabet, counting books and free 2008 calendars. see sample books.

THE APPLE STORE – Made on a Mac Series speaker Saturday, June 17, 2006 at the APPLE Store SoHo New York Magazine.

NICK JR. MAGAZINE – Dec/Jan 2006 – Family Tech feature: "Calendar Kids"

February 12-28, 2005 — art, snack food and International Internet sensation. Christo and Jeanne-Claude-inspired photograph that received three million hits. Featured in New York Times, on CNN and in Landscape Architecture. see press.

ADVERTISING (1986 to present) • Freelance COPY Associate Creative Director and Consultant at big and small NYC ad agencies in TV, print, DM, radio and the Web for Time Inc., Panasonic Toughbook, Verizon, BellSouth, Lipitor, CBS, Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Hertz, Sheraton Hotels, IBM, Pfaltzgraff, Alka-Seltzer Plus, Steinway Piano, WNBC and Fuji Videotape. RESUME REELSAMPLES

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO HENRY Note cards available here for peanuts as well as museum stores and gift shops internationally. teNeues Publishing Co., January 2004

MARTHA STEWART BABYSpring 2003 • Profile of Jane Hanstein Cunniffe and the books she makes for and with her kids.

HERE IS NEW YORK: a Democracy of Photographs [Scalo. 864 pages. $49.95] Contributed two photographs to this comprehensive record of the events of 9/11 exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and Corcoran in Washington, DC.

Photographer for the 2nd Annual Chief Everything Officer Awards:
CEO Luncheon Video • May 2006 • [Quicktime 6MB]

EARLY ED COLLATERAL – Photographs, Posters and Brochures for the 14th Street Y, Battery Park City Parenting and Family Center, Gani Nursery School.

14th STREET Y PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT – One-woman show, "Hold your Horses! and other Clichés" • June 2, 2002Time Out New York and NYTimes


THE DAVID SUSSKIND SHOW 1982 – Early media exposure recovered from the Museum of Broadcast in Chicago.

JAPAN & FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 1992 in Tokyo with Toshi Nakayama and the royal family.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: SmilingGoat.com has been featured on CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC and other random media outlets. Check out our PRESS link.

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