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What is smilinggoat.net?

SmilingGoat.net is a technology consulting firm, specializing in Microsoft technologies. Their primary expertise and desire is to help businesses succeed by implementing a better technology solution in their specific environments. Check it out.

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Smiling Goat Lane
Farmington, Maine

  <<<  Home of Maine writer Woody Hanstein & family. They named their dirt road in 1997.

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The Smiling Goat
on Ed

Written by
Late Show Executive Producer
Rob Burnett



THE GOAT or Who is Sylvia?

••• Written by playwright Edward Albee and winner of the
2002 Tony Award for best play. It was very funny.

Smiling Fish & Goat on FireA good movie to rent!

<<< An independent film about two brothers.


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hats on 14

227 e. 14th Street
New York, NY 10003
tel. 212.358.8756

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Smiling Goat Farm  >>>> 
A small 8 acre farm in  
Northern North Carolina.